Suicide Helpline

We strive to help people in their worst moments, end it all.


Type Instructions Notable Suiciders
Hanging This one is simple to set up but can be hard to go through with. There is only one thing you require for this, some sort of rope. Tie this rope into a noose, you can find instructions online. Hang ikt up somewhere that your feet won't touch the ground. Then stand on some sort of chair and put your head into the noose. Make sure the thing you stand on can easilly be kicked away. Finally, once you are in position, Germany
Drug O.D Francisco Chang Mexico
Drowning Roland Mendel Austria
Jumping Helen Bennett UK
Running self over Park your car on a slight grade. Remove your handbrake and put your car in neutral. Quickly run down hill from the car far enough in front that it will gather speed. Stand in front of your car while it runs you down and kills you real good. Anton Yelchin
Shooting Giovanni Rovelli Italy